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Our story in brief

1950s  Pinnocks Way Council estate built.

1956    Local churches started services in the Social Club. 
             About 100 children attended the Sunday school.


1958   Fund-raising started for a church building in Dean Court.

1961   Wooden panels erected on concrete base. Local residents
            gave voluntary help to finish it.


            New church dedicated on Saturday 9 December by Bishop of

            Reading (E.H. Knell). First service held on Sunday
            10 December 1961.  


1980s  Wooden youth hut put up.
            Games court built behind the church.


2005    Hut burned down.

2007    New St Andrew’s Centre (STAC) opened to replace
            youth hut.


2012    Games court totally refurbished with community grants
            and reopened for all to use.


2014    Cracked roof beams in church repaired.
            Building declared ‘past its use-by date’.




2018    Planning permission granted for a new church.

2021    Modified plans submitted and planning permission
            received: rebuilding started in November.  Last service in
            old building on 7 November at 10am, followed by
            tea/coffee and cake for all. 

            Services transferred to Dean Court Community Centre - 
            where they started in 1956 (though the Centre is a new

2022   Rebuilding continued by APH Construction Ltd.
           Official re-opening: 10 September 2022 by the Bishop of
           Dorchester (Gavin Collins). Celebration Service on 11
           September; preacher Sophie Jelley, Bishop of Doncaster
           and former resident. 



How we were: St Andrew's and its choir in 1961. Centre: Rev. Ken Cooper (Vicar), Gladys Holifield, Michael Harris (Lay Reader) . 

Left: the original church building.

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