JOY Place

  • Monthly Christian worship service designed for people with learning disabilities and their friends and family.

  • Provides loving support and a safe environment.

  • Meets on the first Sunday of the month 3-4pm online at present but usually at St Andrew's Church.

  • Part of Cumnor Parish but with its own leaders,  Matt and Jenny Long.  

  • Simple interactive Bible teaching. 

  • Started in December 2010 - the first of its kind
    in Oxford. 

  • Have a look at the video!

Goodbye and a big thank you! 

On 2 May 2021 we said goodbye and a huge thank you to Chuck and Anita Saunders, who return to the USA.  
They say: "We will never forget the love and appreciation showered upon us at our farewell JOY Place service. Smiles and tears of joy.  

It has been such a privilege serving in this ministry the past 11 years.  As we say “Goodbye” to our time in Oxford and serving at the JOY Place we  'go out with joy and are led forth with peace'."   Read more


We're very sorry that JOY Place has been on hold for the last two months, but we'll be back soon!