St Andrew's is a small, friendly church on the western edge of Oxford. It is part of Cumnor (Church of England) Parish in the Diocese of Oxford.  Here you can find out about us, our activities and our history,
but please come and see for yourself, and learn more with us about what it means to worship God,
to follow Jesus Christ, and to serve our community. 

Services during COVID

Two JOY Place leaders move on, but JOY Place remains as a special place for those with learning disabilities


Our next live service at St Andrew's is on 9 May at 10.00am. It will be a communion service led by Rev Jonathan Widdess; Rev Helen Azer will be the preacher. We hope to start weekly services in June. 

There is a service every week at the parish church, St Michael's Cumnor, which is also live streamed. 


To keep safe, we will wear masks, maintain a 2m distance between us, and will listen to the music rather than join in the singing.

There is also a Zoom JOY Place service at 3pm on first Sundays in the month.  See www.joyplace.org.uk


For more about online services and other church activities see cumnor.org


Eleven years ago two couples saw the need for a church service in Oxford that was specially designed for those with learning disabilities.  They were put in touch with each other, and the JOY Place was born.  It came to St Andrew's Dean Court in 2017 and meets monthly, by Zoom at present.  

Chuck and Anita Saunders, originally from California, have been leading the JOY Place with a local couple, Matt and Jenny Long, giving pastoral care for those who come and helping to build a community where people are welcomed and encouraged.  

Now they feel it is time to return to be near their children and grand-children. But JOY Place continues, on the first Sunday of the month at 3pm.


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JOY Place - for adults with learning disabilities, their family and friends

The JOY Place leaders Chuck and Anita Saunders (top) and Matt and Jenny Long

Anita and Chuck write:


"On 2 May 2021 we celebrated our final JOY Place service here in the UK. 

We will never forget the love and appreciation showered upon us at our farewell JOY Place service. Smiles and tears of joy.  

It has been such a privilege serving in this ministry the past 11 years.  As we say 'Good bye' to our time in Oxford and serving at the JOY Place we 'go out with joy and are led forth with peace'."

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